Thursday, 28 August 2014

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My reason for pursuing tenacity.
There are many great women out there. For me there are one that stand out the most. It might be because she is part of the Best Health and Beauty company, Annique. Or because I can relate to her story of being insecure and afraid of crowds. If she can make it through then I can too. 

She is none other than Angelique Du Toit
Her story...

Wow what a story. Rising up from ashes to Beauty. What an Inspiration to any woman. 

My upbringing was not at all that bad. I grew up in a fairly normal house. My only problem I have, I am incredibly SHY. And people make it worst when they ask me, why are you so quite. Angelique could not stand in front of a crowd and talk to people. She literally had stage fright when she had to do a play and from there on refused to talk to people if there was a group. She now talks in front of thousands of women.  If she could do it. So can I. 
Thank you Angelique for being my inspiration.

Thank you for reading.


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