Saturday, 30 August 2014

| Colours of the world |

Have you ever had so many complement when you wore a certain top? But when you bought the same top in a different colour nobody noticed? That's because it wasn't the top, it was the colour. Did you know that there are more than 2000 pantone colours? 

When I was in school I use to get ALOT of complements when I wore Black and White. So I began to buy just black and white clothing. Sneaky sneaky... 

I know, wearing black and white do become boring after awhile. 

Then I discovered this new wear your best colour course. In short. There are many colours in the colour spectrum. That we divide in 4 season

Some may be familiar with it... Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn. I'm a winter. Bright, clear and Blue toned colours suits me the best. 

If your in the Mpumalanga region, be sure to book your seat at this awesome seminar that will show you what colour spectrum you fall in. The seminar is more about being your best you can be. 

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

| My Inspiration |

My reason for pursuing tenacity.
There are many great women out there. For me there are one that stand out the most. It might be because she is part of the Best Health and Beauty company, Annique. Or because I can relate to her story of being insecure and afraid of crowds. If she can make it through then I can too. 

She is none other than Angelique Du Toit
Her story...

Wow what a story. Rising up from ashes to Beauty. What an Inspiration to any woman. 

My upbringing was not at all that bad. I grew up in a fairly normal house. My only problem I have, I am incredibly SHY. And people make it worst when they ask me, why are you so quite. Angelique could not stand in front of a crowd and talk to people. She literally had stage fright when she had to do a play and from there on refused to talk to people if there was a group. She now talks in front of thousands of women.  If she could do it. So can I. 
Thank you Angelique for being my inspiration.

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

| Welcome |

My life story where I take the journey to become a woman of Tenacity.
This journey starts today. I want to grow, improve and become everything God created me to be. 
noun: tenacity

the quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly; grip.
"the sheer tenacity of the limpet"

Synonyms: Persistence, determination, perseverance, strength of purpose, tirelessness, resolution, resoluteness, resolve, firmness, patience, purposefulness, staunchness, steadfastness, staying power, endurance, stamina, stubbornnessintransigence, obstinacy, obduracy, pertinacity.

The quality or fact of being very determined; determination.

"you have to admire the tenacity of these two guys"
The quality or fact of continuing to exist; persistence.

"the tenacity of certain myths within the historical record"

I want to find my purpose in life.  The reason why I was created. 
I will do this with Tenacity. I will not quite. I will not stop. I will persevere. 

Welcome to the start of my Journey. 

Thank you for reading.