Saturday, 30 August 2014

| Colours of the world |

Have you ever had so many complement when you wore a certain top? But when you bought the same top in a different colour nobody noticed? That's because it wasn't the top, it was the colour. Did you know that there are more than 2000 pantone colours? 

When I was in school I use to get ALOT of complements when I wore Black and White. So I began to buy just black and white clothing. Sneaky sneaky... 

I know, wearing black and white do become boring after awhile. 

Then I discovered this new wear your best colour course. In short. There are many colours in the colour spectrum. That we divide in 4 season

Some may be familiar with it... Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn. I'm a winter. Bright, clear and Blue toned colours suits me the best. 

If your in the Mpumalanga region, be sure to book your seat at this awesome seminar that will show you what colour spectrum you fall in. The seminar is more about being your best you can be. 

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